Wednesday, August 22, 2007


HEY FRIENDS and those that do not like me because I spent a YEAR inside the Westmoreland County Pennsylvania 911 Center without them knowing it, exposing how corrupt and confused things really are… GOOD MORNING.

I just had to write a few paragraphs this morning, unfortunately I don’t have enough time to do an update article, just a NEWS FLASH.



Hey 911, Hey Danny boy, Hey Mark and Dicky… WAKE UP And Call Mr. Staley, your RADIO SYSTEM HAS BEEN SCREWED UP ALL NIGHT ! In fact, it’s been screwed up since the very first friggin’ tower was put up, but last night was really really really BAD.

Thank God I live in Butler County now where they have a GOOD RADIO SYSTEM installed and ( honest to God ) working !!! I still have yet to hear ONE COP, or ONE EMT, or ONE FIREFIGHTER ask Butler County Dispatch to repeat themselves.


WHY, you ask ?


Yes, Butler County Emergency Management uses radios to communicate, not a stupid computerized pooling system using towers, phone lines, towers and wasted computer parts and equipment and towers. Butler is Radio to radio communications, not digital radio to tower to computer equipment to phone lines to more computers to digital to analog converters to amplifiers to speakers like Westmoreland. Grrrrrrr !

Did I mention TOWERS ?

I have never been able to prove that anyone from Westmoreland County TOOK A BRIBE from Motorola or Staley Communications to install that junk they call a radio cy-stem, but if I can I will shout it from the PEAK of the COURTHOUSE ROOF in Greensburg while calling the District Attorney’s office with my cell phone.

OK, time to go but I had to get that news flash out to everyone. Remember today’s NEWSFLASH, again… the Westmoreland County 911 Emergency (yes folks, Emergency) Radio System was not working last night. No one could talk to anyone All you could hear was “repeat”, “what” and “10-9”. 911 kept telling everyone that THEIR RADIOS were broke. Get real County Radio, the WHOLE DAMN SYSTEM INCLUDING THE MANAGEMENT (except Joe N.) IS BROKE.



Sam W. Jacobs CET
(Certified Electronics Engineer – Communications Specialist / Designer / Repair Lead Technician)

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Monday, July 02, 2007


OPS... Not In Westmoreland You Say ?
Yes, the Blah-ger no longer resides in Westmoreland County ! I'm sorry but I couldn't take living in the same county as Compissioner Tom Balya anymore, it was just too much. I moved to Butler County and the air now smells better and I see a lot less Motorola vans driving back and forth to the different 911 tower sites. ( and I no longer need those Valium pills ! )

In fact BUTLER COUNTY did exactly what I was attempting to do in Westmoreland County, they installed and are using 400 Mhz radio equipment ! They have FULL COUNTY COVERAGE with less than half the tower sites. Gee, sounds like some insane technician might have been right about 400 Mhz communications ?

What does that mean ? In the month or two that I've lived here I don't believe that I've heard one police officer or fireman ( or EMT for that matter ) ask to have a transmission repeated.

NO MORE 10-9's or " PLEASE REPEAT ". Everyone hears everyone else.

It is a DAMN GOOD EMERGENCY RADIO SYSTEM and best of all, IT WORKS !!! If fact I heard one police car report that he just arrived in Pittsburgh. Nice coverage.

I can still listen to the Westmoreland County system up here thanks to GMAN's 24 hour rebroadcasting of the WC 911 system on the internet... but I do that rarely.

The Westmoreland County 911 radio signals are too weak to reach Butler County directly on my Bearcat or Radio Shack scanners, even with an outdoor antenna mounted 15 feet above the peak of my roof, that's why I use the broadband internet feed.

Westmoreland County got cheated in every way, poor equipment, very inept County Commissioners, and because of using 800 Mhz they have a poor signal. That means if a COP car is in pursuit of a vehicle heading into Butler County, they will lose all radio communications at the county line.

But then again, isn't that what I've been saying all along ?

IF YOU ARE A FIRST TIME READER OF THE BLAH-G and you live in Butler County, stop by and say hello on my website and drop me an email at I am going to design a website for the BUTLER CO. PUBLIC SAFETY very shortly, much like the one I already have for Westmoreland County's 911 system and since I do not know shit about the inter-workings of Butler Co.'s 911 I could use some help. ( visit Westmoreland Co.'s site @ )

While living in Westmoreland County (most of my life) I got to know many of the 911 dispatchers and department chiefs. That was a BIG advantage in writing the Blah-g. The information that I delivered to the readers was timely and actuate. Hell, I use to know exactly which towers were down and which ones were targeted for service. I hope someday I will know the inter workings of Butler County as well is I do Westmoreland.

In the meantime if I hear of any breaking news for EITHER county I will surely post it here, or at least I'll try... if I can... perhaps a bit late but better late then never... or at least I'll tell my German Shepard about it. ( He listens a lot better than the Westmoreland County Compissioners ever did ! ).

Happy Fourth Of July, Please Don't Drive and Drunk !!
Sam W. Jacobs
FCC Licensed Commercial Communications Engineer

Monday, May 14, 2007


WARNING - Please HELP Westmoreland County !

(Of course he is smiling !)

For too long BALYA has "acted" the role of a County Commissioner when in fact all he has done is WASTE our tax money and make Motorola RICH at our expense.

Because of Balya, we now have a radio system that puts each and every one of our first responders in HARMS WAY each and every day. For more information please read all of my back issues of "the Blah-g".

He offers NOTHING. No Leadership, No Accountability and only BAD RESULTS.

Please note, I am NOT backing anyone in this race for Westmoreland County Commissioner... I am just WARNING YOU of more wasteful spending and NO Improvements with our 911 system.



"the Blah-ger"

These are the PROFESSIONAL views of
Sam W. Jacobs - Radio Communications Engineer
and Backed by years of insider information and absolute proof.

Friday, February 23, 2007



23 Feb 2007

911 is not receiving District 5 PD on any channels. All dispatches are being made by


What a Wonderful Friggin' Billion Dollar Radio Cyst-em (System) our Compissioners have given us, you can call Tom Balya at the court house and thank him personally.


Sam W. Jacobs CET

Monday, February 12, 2007



Greetings !

Nothing has changed, unfortunately.

The ( 911 ) Westmoreland County Department of Emergency Management's 800 Mhz radio Cyst-em is still full of bugs, glitches and digital mumble and nobody cares... so why should I ?

Check out the new audio file I just posted, it's a winner ! < click here >
Plus a lot more BS at the bottom of the Audio Clips URL page... enjoy.


The Blah-ger

Monday, November 06, 2006



Blah-ger Pre-Election Alert:

A normal Blah-g is in the making however I would like to leave you with something for Tuesday, Election Day in Pennsylvania.

Just as it would be a sin to put Tom Balya back into a County Commissioner position of unchecked power (or any position of power at all !), it would also be a sin to re-elect John Murtha.

I will not list everyone who I think should or shouldn’t be in office, but that weasel is worth singling out.

Until the next Blah-g, one which I think will open everybody’s eyes… get out and vote Tuesday.


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Saturday, October 21, 2006




Yeah Right !

This Blah-ger has witnessed a Million Dollar Blunder by Home Land Security and the Westmoreland County (PA) Department of Emergency Management. What a joke and farce ( READ: A Ridiculous Phony Situation ) that (is) was on County Wide Tac 12 of our Emergency Radio Cyst-Em during the weekend of October 20-22, 2006.

After I get my thoughts together along with some audio I will make a more in-depth posting on this Blah-g, for now though I can't stop laughing. This "event" was as thrilling as listening to the Pennsylvania Live Stock report on radio.

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, for he didn’t do that well as the Thunder King !


Sam W. Jacobs, CET
Certified Electronics Engineer and Consultant – web – send your tips and comments to this Blah-ger
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